Friendlier Marcy

Friendlier Marcy

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Edits Marcy Long's dialogue conditions to make her (almost) pleasant.

Lets face it, Marcy Long is an odd bird. A lot of her dialogue is actually quite friendly, she even smiles, but as often as not when you walk past she'll abruptly start making nasty comments that frankly don't even really make much sense. Then Bethesda made her impossible to move or kill. Do they hate us? So, if she's still alive in your game and you'd like to stop avoiding Sanctuary Hills because of her, here you go :P

Compatibility & Technical Notes:

This is my first time editing Dialogue Conditions, it seems to be working perfectly in my own game, but feedback is always welcome. I can't test every condition so actually feedback is vital. Marcy is now a pretty cool bird for the most part. I... think I might even like her.

Most of the downright rude comments are restricted to the isBleedingOut condition. She can't actually talk in that state, but it amuses me to imagine her thinking them. A few of her less friendly comments I have allowed her to say once, usually only when activated by the player so you won't miss it when she says it. If you haven't done the Minuteman quests to make the place habitable and safe she may have a few other complaints as well that I have left in - this is more an immersion attempt rather than a total lobotomy, okay?

I have also made a couple of conversations that I have never even heard her have with Jun repeatable. They can bicker all day if they like, I don't mind as long as she isn't being rude to my character when it makes no sense.

I have made changes to the following:

I haven't made edits to any of the conversations by the rest of the Sanctuary Hills folks, because they don't annoy me, but this mod may still overwrite edits made to them by other mods if those edits were made to DialogueSanctuaryHills.