Cleanish Swan's Pond

Cleanish Swan's Pond




Credits & Permissions

I wanted a cleaner slate to work with for settlement building at Swan's Pond but I didn't want to break precombines. Also I'm not a big fan of trash piles everywhere or living in filth. Unfortunately I wasn't able to remove very much garbage this time like I was able to do in my Cleanish Galleria mod. However I've removed what I could.

This mod pairs nicely with fftfan's settlement mod: Swan's Pond Settlement. His mod is safe, works properly, and Sim Settlements will work correctly with it. PC, Xbox, PS4.

What I removed I was able to remove things like dirt, slime, and rust decals, the scum on the pond water, broken bollards (metal posts you can kick around like the ones at Starlight Drive-In), traffic cones, plastic bins, a few skeletons, some vehicles, some of the wood boxes and crates, and most importantly the radiation hazards. The radiation barrels are still there (they're in the precombines) but at least you will no longer get irradiated by them.