Cleanish Swan's Pond Credits & Permissions

Standardized Mod Permissions (applies to all my smaller mods):
-Ask first please

-Credit to Damanding on Nexus/Crayonkit on

-No commercial usage (no making money on any of the mod's content with Patreon or similar, publishing it in the Creation Club, etc.) Nexus donations acceptable if not heavily promoted.  Youtube reviews are allowed except for the following Youtube creators (including any other Youtube accounts these people may create in the future): Known commonly as "MxR" Known commonly as "ESO"  The user named "Ultimate Immersion" the user named "E487"

-No inclusion in mod packs or on the Mod Drop site

-Unless I specify otherwise, publishing of your mod is only allowed on or (non English speaking users usually get permission to host on non English sites)

Nexus Donations/Patreon/Nexus Donation Points/Creation Club/Etc.


Having Nexus donations turned on your mod that uses assets from me is acceptable provided my content is not the majority of your mod. Please do not advertise Patreon (or similar service) accounts on a mod using my assets (having a Patreon is fine as long as it is not advertised on that particular mod, any other of your mods without my content is fine to advertise your Patreon). If you wish to opt your mod into the donation points system please discuss it with me first as my permission will depend on to what degree you'll be using my assets and other factors. You may never sell my work to Creation Club or put it behind a paywall of any sort.