Better Than F76 File Cabinets

Build ALL the file cabinets.




The snapping file cabinets are now available in Homemaker!

Disappointed that premium in F76 gives you a single file cabinet to build? We've got postwar, prewar, steel, Hitech orange and blue ones, short ones, tall ones, wood ones, closed and open ones. We've got them ALL for the low price of 13 bottlecaps per file cabinet. Make your commonwealth a little more organized!

No monthly subscription necessary.

Places the file cabinets in the Furniture>Containers menu as standalone objects.

You can still build the regularly available file cabinets for steel/wood instead of caps if you don't like the full immersiveness of this mod. All are safe storage, will not respawn.

Now available with Do It Yourshelf snap points and wood/steel buildable versions if you don't want to spend caps!