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Adds a school desk that Child Settlers can be assigned to as a work station. You will need a mod that adds child settlers to go with this!

Update 1.2 adds 2 new teacher desks with a little clutter and Vault 88 Blueprint for the wall.

UPDATE 1.1 adds Teacher's Desk, some Chalkboards and a Periodic Table.
The teacher, once assigned, will move around the general area of the desk alternating between leaning on the desk looking down, leaning on the desk looking forward and walking around the general vicinity looking at NPC faces, including the students. If you use a clutter mod to put some notes on the desk it would look even better. There are so many great clutter mods that I will let you clutter your own tables.

You can find the desks under: Resources>Misc
You can find the Chalkboards and Periodic Table under Decorations>Wall Decorations>Misc Wall Decorations

Bonus Happiness version (esp only, loose files)