Prewar Power Armor Displays

Prewar Power Armor Displays



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For your viewing pleasure we have 30 Prewar Power Armor Displays featuring popular commercial brands such as Nuka Cola, Slocum’s Joe, and Vim; all major factions, some of the magazine power armor paint jobs, and a variety of solid colors. The wasteland is a dangerous place, power armor is important, so of course you’ve headed over to Hardware Town for all the paint supplies you need to make such a valuable asset gorgeous right? These displays have extra snap points, as they snap to each other side to side, and back to back with space in between to walk.

Pick up the custom Hot Rodder magazine on a shelf near the paint mixer station in Hardware Town. The menu will not appear in your workshop until you have picked up the magazine in Hardware Town. The menu will be near the end of the main workshop menu.