Nuka Dark Rum Tribute

Nuka Dark Rum Tribute



Credits & Permissions

This is a tribute to the brilliance of Bethesda's marketing for Nuka Dark Rum. Craft new settlement items and a new drink item called Nuka Dark Rum.

Build a statue to Nuka Dark Rum, check out what all the hot girls are drinking these days, and get drunk on your very own home brewed Nuka Dark Rum! All items cost 1 plastic and 80 caps to craft. The drink recipe also requires a Nuka Dark and rum. The Nuka Dark Rum drink has the exact same properties as Nuka Dark.

New items added:

  • Large Bottle Statue: Decorations>Statue menu
  • Nuka Girl cardboard standup holding Nuka Dark Rum: Decorations>Misc menu
  • Nuka Dark Rum bottles: Decorations>Misc menu
  • Nuka Dark themed Soda Mixing Machine: Crafting menu
  • Nuka Dark Rum: New drink recipe in the Soda Mixing Machines