Noir Penthouse Workshop Recommended Mods

This mod takes advantage of features in several other mods and is designed to work with them without the other mods being required.

Snappy Housekits

This mod is strongly recommended to pair with Noir, particularly for building exterior walls. Noir's structural pieces are one sided "skin" pieces. You'll need to use either vanilla or Snappy Housekit structural pieces for the exterior side of your buildings. At this time the only Snappy Housekit pieces this mod is designed to work with is the Hi-tech kit. I suggest using the thin wall hi-tech pieces in Snappy. There are hi-tech style exterior sides for the windows only since they are not vanilla shaped. Window pieces for additional kits in Snappy may come in the future.

Modular Kitchens

The kitchen counter has snaps for the fridge, stove, and sinks in Modular Kitchen (MK). Version 1.1 or later of MK is required for changes that allow for snapping those items into the Noir counter. If you chose not to update MK you can use Place Everywhere to add in the appliances. The hole in the counter top for the sink is slightly larger than a vanilla sized sink. There is a trim piece meant to be used with the sinks in both MK and CWSS. Insert the trim piece first and then the sink.  If you decide not to use the MK sinks or stove there are also countertop filler pieces to cover the holes. Unfortunately the texture isn't the best match and there's absolutely nothing that can be done about that without creating entirely new textures from scratch (and new UV maps).


The sinks in CWSS will also snap into the kitchen counter. You will still need the trim piece just as described above for the MK sinks.  In a future update there will also be CWSS compatible shower curtains.

Do It Yourshelf (DIY)

All shelves have snaps for DIY items. However many of the existing DIY items are too large for some of the shelves in Noir. I've included a few additional DIY items that fit the Noir shelving better. I recommend Place Everywhere to slightly shrink the items in DIY to better fit these shelves.  I may update the mod with additional better fitting DIY clutter in the future.

Creative Clutter

There is one workshop bench designed for snapping the mini workbenches in Creative Clutter to (or DIY half shelf clutter will also snap to the workbench).  There are also a few kitchen clutter items that match the prewar aqua colors set (dishes etc) in Creative. Or you can use the full sized but stripped down version of workbenches that came in Noir Penthouse Creation Club pack.


This mod includes carpet pieces designed to use the Cat Deco snaps. Place the starter piece first as indicated, then snap the carpet pieces of your choice to cover the floor. The carpet pieces won't snap on a floor piece that has a wall on it already so lay out your carpet first.  Some patterns don't tile seamlessly very well with the odd shaped pieces. Some patterns may need rotating to find the best seamless tiling method.  A couple of rug pieces are not designed to use the Cat Deco snaps.

EoW's Book Textures

EmissaryOfWind allowed me to include her book textures directly in this mod but if you want all of your book clutter from other mods looking better I recommend this mod.  Or you could use Vronykah's abstract design version.

Stained Glass Workshop

This mod uses the same script as Stained Glass Workshop for the improved lights (thanks MunkySpunk!). Technically speaking there is no built in functionality designed to work with this mod but it's pretty awesome and stained glass should go great in your Noir Penthouse apartments.