Noir Penthouse Workshop Credits & Permissions

Credits and Thank You:

Credit for much of this mod goes to Tom Seddon (bloodmeat08) who created the original Creation Club pack. Check out his ArtStation page. This mod definitely would not have been possible without Robboten's work in creating all the structural pieces so they would be usable in workshop mode. You'll definitely want to get Snappy Housekit to build with Noir.

Vronykah for quite a lot of texture work including converting textures already within the Creation Club pack to be usable in clutter as well as some additional textures of her own including clothing baskets, colander, kitchen scale, ironing board. In a future update there will also be new external wall textures from Vronykah for the hi-tech kit in Snappy Housekit designed to pair nicely with Noir Penthouse.
FrogprincessQ4 for various textures including tea set, kitchen rag, bread box, cutting board.
Sarinia for allowing me to include her Cat Deco meshes directly in Noir for the carpeting.
TerryBeer for various textures including garage tools, tool board, gurney, wheelchair, fire extinguisher.
MsRae for some mesh assistance including sink trim, collision changes, and teaching me how to create the working fireplace.
EmissaryOfWind for her book textures.

Thanks go to CordlessVII for his amazing settlement builds and video to demonstrate this mod.

Finally some seriously mad props to MunkySpunk for patiently putting up with multiple sessions teaching me how to hijack vanilla light controllers, charm addon nodes and gobos, and the scripting to make it all play nicely together. He also got me past rage quitting on getting the ceiling light to snap correctly. As always MunkySpunk has permission to use any of my clutter items in his mods (however clutter using textures by another person will also require that person's permission).

Please drop these folks a thank you, kudos, and definitely download and endorse their mods or videos.


TL;DR You must ask me for permission before using any item in this mod.

Attribution (credit) required
Non-Commercial use only (see below for more detail on donations, donation points, and Patreon)
No inclusion in mod packs, Mod Drop site
Unless I specify otherwise, publishing of your mod is only allowed on or (exceptions may be made for non English language sites)

If you want to use the structural pieces in a mod please ask Robboten for permission on those. You'll also need to make the original Creation Club Noir Penthouse pack a required file for the textures. Clutter items which use textures created by another author will require permission from me (DAmanding/Crayonkit) as well as the author who created the texture. See the Credits section for more details.

Nexus Donations/Patreon/Nexus Donation Points/Creation Club/Etc.
If you wish to use (and receive permission) to include the clutter items in your mod you may opt in to Nexus donations and Nexus Donation Points provided the content from Noir is not the majority of your mod. If the clutter items are not the majority of your mod you may also advertise your Patreon provided your advertising of your Patreon follows the Nexus general rules of thumb for donations as Meaning your advertising of having a Patreon account isn't excessive, etc. You may never sell this work to Creation Club or put it behind a paywall of any sort.

People creating Transfer Settlement Blueprints are exempted from needing to ask us about opting TS blueprints into the donation points system, if you are creating a TS blueprint you are allowed to opt-in to the donation points by default.