Modular Kitchens Install Instructions

Modular Kitchen Upgrades

This step ONLY applies if you previously downloaded the mod from Bethnet from an account other than mine (ie. Shaostoul).  If this does not apply move on.

Apparently the in game mod manager is unable to handle two files with the same name being downloaded from different mod pages. So the fix is to do the following:

All of this is done with the in game mod manager, do NOT open a save game at any time during this process. Download the original older version of the mod again from the hoster of the older version (ie Shaoustoul). Restart, disable, delete, restart, then download my version of the mod. The restarts are CRITICAL to clear the memory which is the culprit here.  Restart is for Xbox users. If you're on PC then everywhere it says restart replace that with exit to desktop.

General instructions for workshop mods

Mod Filenames to Look For

*The loose files that you will need to zip up for manual installs are as follows:

Modular Kitchen files: Evan_Modular_Kitchen.esp, Evan_Modular_Kitchen - Main.ba2, Evan_Modular_Kitchen - Textures.ba2