Home Plate Exterior Revamped

Home Plate Exterior Revamped

DO NOT UNINSTALL EXTERIOR MOD in the middle of your game.

Uninstalling any mod which adds settlement functionality will permanently break the entire settlement system in that save game.



Credits & Permissions

Most recent update

-Custom workshop menu with mod's custom decor
-Workshop functionality in a limited area on the rooftop (not a full settlement)
-Improved greenhouse
-Player pickable plants that respawn every 48 hours
-Drinks coolers that make ice cold variants of beer, vim, and nuka (by scripting, no hard DLC requirements). Takes 24 hours, requires power.
-Drinking fountain near HP door in the market area
-Additional NPC markers for idling including Dogmeat
-Swapped the trailer interior clutter so that the bathroom furnishings are above a vanilla pipe coming up to the trailer
-Most clutter is scrappable
-Minor fixes to navmesh, object placement, etc.
-The original cooler under the patio table has been moved inside the RV. New cooler under the patio table cools drinks.

Scrapping Notes:
-The candles and their light source will scrap with the patio table.
-The fire barrel's light source and the hand warming idle marker will scrap with the fire barrel itself.