Color Map Collectibles (Port)

Color Map Collectibles (Port)



Credits & Permissions

This mod was ported to with permission from VirusZ: original mod.

IMPORTANT: This mod uses an ini file to remove the Pipboy FX for a clean map. You will need to exit game completely and restart after installing this mod for the ini settings to work. Any other mod with the same settings will override any mods loaded above it in your load order. Settings listed below.

Color map with Bobblehead, Power Armor, Settlement and Fast Travel Locations marked for you in color coded icons. Yes it's a little cheaty but at this point who hasn't played the game 3748 times? If you want a nicer looking map without the cheaty icons there is another mod hosted by Ray1 called Color Map Version X.

Ini settings included are:



(this removes special effects in both the power armor pipboy and the normal pipboy)




(these adjust the brightness for the pipboy screen/PA pipboy screen)