Cleanish General Atomics Galleria

Cleanish General Atomics Galleria




Credits & Permissions

Inspired by a new settlement mod for General Atomics Galleria by fftfan/VersusXV I made a mod that cleans up a lot of the broken items, garbage, etc. but without breaking precombines. I've also made the unique Mr. Handy robots protected so that they can survive the settlement attacks. His mod is here for Xbox, PS4, and PC.  

Why this mod? I wanted a cleaner slate to work with for settlement building at General Atomics Galleria but I didn't want to break precombines with a scrapping mod. Also I'm not a big fan of trash piles everywhere or living in filth. I've removed most of the trash piles, dirty decals, blue plastic bins, construction barriers, badly broken objects like shelving units, Mr. Handy parts, and similar items. However some of those things are in precombines and the ones that were are still there.

What else does this mod change? I've given the unique Mr. Handy robot NPCs protected status. This includes the Director, all the vendors, and a couple of others. The guards, greeters, and the ones that start off dead in the General Atomics store as part of displays are not unique and not protected. Some of them are however set to respawn in vanilla. Since they are not unique I didn't edit them at all.