Castle Revamped

Castle Revamped

The Minutemen have taken the Castle back and rebuilt the walls! No more insecure giant holes in the walls. No broken precombines. Bonus Castle themed architecture workshop building kit so you can build your own Castles in your settlements: multiple floor, wall, doorway, window, trim, stair, and even multiple textures of ground piece options! Everything full navmeshed. Holotape to auto-strip the settlement, clean up the mirelurk gunk if you take the castle without the Minutemen, and get shipments of key building materials.

Settlement Menu Manager required. Menu located in the Structures menu.



Robboten: 3d modeling (Snappy Housekit creator)
Bionicyardiff/Whisper: Scripting (Raze/Clean My Settlement creator)
Crayonkit/Damanding: the rest

Screenshots taken with Clean My Settlement Redux by bionicyardiff and Seasons by FrogprincessQ4.

No precombines/previs were touched or needed to be rebuilt in this mod to maximize performance and inter-mod compatibility.  No new LOD will be generated. If you want a rebuilt Castle mod that removes things like rubble piles you will need to use one of the many options available that break precombines to accomplish that.